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Our "ho-bags" give you an opportunity to score some of our seconds-grade versions of some of our naughtiest designs at a deep discount. These are blind bags, so we can't tell you exactly what pins you're getting when you purchase one -- the surprise is part of the fun! (Check the product info for a list of which pins may be included.)


Please note the following about our blind bags:

  • We cannot guarantee that you will receive a specific design.
  • We cannot honor requests for specific designs.
  • If you purchase multiple ho-bags, you may receive duplicate designs.
  • Our ho-bags are offered at a big discount, so we're placing the following restrictions on purchases:
    • B-grade ho-bags are limited to three per customer!
    • C-grade ho-bags are limited to one per customer!

Ho-bag (seconds blind bag)

    • Each B-grade bag includes three (3) pins, all different designs.
    • Each C-grade bag includes five (5) pins, all different designs.
    • Bags may include any of the following designs:
      • Proud Slut
      • Butt Stuff
      • Rope
      • Choker
      • Harness
      • Paddle
      • No Shame
      • Ben Wa
      • Tail (B-grade bags only)
      • Bruise Me (B-grade bags only)