Say Gay wooden pin

$3 from every sale of this pin goes to The Trevor Project in support of their work providing suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBTQIA youth.

Acknowledging the existence of gay people won't turn your straight kids gay. Refusing to do so won't turn your gay kids straight. Queer people are going to keep existing, whether you talk about them or not.

  • 35 mm wide
  • Wood with full color printing


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These are pins that meet our quality standards. This means they're free of all major defects and most minor ones. Note that standard grade pins *may* still exhibit minor, superficial imperfections (such as stray specks of glitter, tiny bubbles or dents in enamel or epoxy, small scratches, etc.).


These pins have slightly larger imperfections or multiple small ones. They still look great and are very wearable; most defects won't be noticeable except on close inspection.


These pins have more serious defects. We think they're still lovable and offer them at a deep discount.

Photos show standard grade pins.
B- and C-grade pins are sold as-is and are not eligible for returns or refunds.